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Why Choose Us?

Welcome to the Diamond Mgt. Services!

We have been doing business for over 20yrs and Our goal is to serve.

That starts with being honest and transparent in all our dealings with you, our supporters.

We want to make sure that we are always doing what’s right for you first and foremost.

We will never do anything behind your back or
without your knowledge ... You have my word on it!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. It may not be the only way, but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding ways that people choose to do so.

My Daughter Kianna Kelly Futch your 2019 Miss America Teen Ms. District of Columbia is paying her way through college using affiliate marketing and other venues she loves at the Manhattan School of Performing Arts.

For those just getting started in affiliate marketing, you’ll want to use our resources wisely and work at building up your traffic base over time and utilize our JV Partners to achieve your financial goals.

One thing you can do right now is use our resources that promise to be an easy method to generate Leads, SignUps and Sales.

Your Satisfaction is our Passion.

Here’s to Your Success and We Look Forward to Working with You.

The Diamond Mgt. Services Family and Team

Curtis Futch


Let Us Help You Get Business Credit not Linked to Your Personal Information!

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs obtain the capital and credit they need to fuel their dreams.

Whether you are just starting your business or looking for millions in capital to expand, we have solutions that can help you fund your endeavors.

Our business credit solutions help you build credit for your business EIN that’s not linked to your personal social security number. This credit can be obtained quickly regardless of personal credit quality, collateral, or cash flow. And you can get approved with no personal guarantee.

We can also help you with all aspects of obtaining business loans, even when banks say “no”.  You can get approved and fund within 72 hours or less, and for low-rate, long-term loans, and credit lines.  You can access cash flow financing, asset-based financing, and even unsecured financing you can secure even as a startup company.

Our expert business advising and finance team help you through all aspects of obtaining corporate credit and acquiring business loans. Plus, you also have access to our cutting-edge finance suite technology to help expedite your results.

If you’re interested in obtaining capital for your company at the best terms, we have solutions for you. Contact us today for your no-cost business credit and loan consultation.


The business credit process that I engaged in with the Business Finance Suite has allowed me to establish my company’s corporate credit, expand my business operation, and take my company to the next level.

Chad Cotton, Straight Line Funding - Carlsbad CA